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New Courses Conducted by ITS in Botswana

Because we know that there is much more to a skilled worker than just technical skills, we aim to equip the personnel of our customers with a well-rounded portfolio of hard and soft skills. Today’s working environment in the civil and military world requires leadership, people, didactic and organisational skills and much more. Thus starting in February and finishing in July this year ITS conducted the first round of new courses in Botswana for our client the Botswana Defence Force Air Arm in the Technical Training School at the Thebephatshwa Air Base:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Human Factors/Instructional Techniques/Administration

Our German experts were very pleased to have such enthusiastic and capable participants. The feedback from our client was also extremely positive.

Leadership and Management Course
ITS Expert, Mr. Seibolt (on the left), ITS Project Manager, Mr. Martin (on the right),
and the class of the Leadership and Management course
Human Factors/Instructional Techniques/Administration Course
ITS Project Manager, Mr. Martin (front second from the right), ITS Expert, Mr. Seibolt (front first on the right),
and the participants of the Human Factors course and also the Administration course