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Enugu State, Nigeria Delegation Welcomed by ITS in Gilching

We were honoured by the visit of Her Excellency Mrs. Fidelia Njeze, Chairman, Governing Council Enugu State College of Education (Technical) together with the Consultant to Her Excellency, Professor Placid Njoku for a three days fact finding mission with ITS in Germany from 17th to 20th January.

Throughout the visit the delegation had the chance to experience the German training system and equipment used first hand at an ITS training partner, the governmental Vocational School in Miesbach, and at the TÜV Süd (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein), the German organisation that tests the safety of technical installations, machinery and motor vehicles.

At Vocational School, Miesbach the visitors were given an insight to the Bavarian schooling structure and practical trainings especially through the visit in the workshops for Wood Works, Paintwork, Mechatronics, Farming Vehicles & Machines and Cooking.

Vocational School, Miesbach Picture 1
From the left: Martin Greifenstein (School Director Vocational School Miesbach), Theresa Stibbe, Professor Placid Njoku,
her Excellency Fidelia Njeze, Marinus Bracher (Vocational School Miesbach), Joachim Kühnrich
Vocational School, Miesbach Picture 2
From the left: Professor Placid Njoku, Joachim Kühnrich, Otmar Kaiser (Vocational School Miesbach), Theresa Stibbe,
her Excellency Fidelia Njeze, Martin Greifenstein

We took our guests to TÜV Süd to show the modern testing technology, that is used also in the ITS Mechatronics workshop. Here they were able to see the equipment in a real-life environment.

TÜV Süd Picture 1
Her Excellency Fidelia Njeze and Theresa Stibbe
TÜV Süd Picture 2
From the left: Professor Placid Njoku, Joachim Kühnrich, Altan Türk (TÜV Süd)

We would like to thank her Excellency, Mrs Fidelia Njeze, and Professor Placid Njoku and Fidelis Atuma for giving us the honour of traveling all the way to Germany for this visit. The ITS team is very proud to have had such an important visitor and also positively looking forward to a fruitful future cooperation with Enugu State, Nigeria.