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Greetings from our school in Mayo Belwa!

We are pleased to announce that the launch of our Capsule Courses has been successfully implemented in 5 of our schools in Adamawa State. These courses will allow students to deepen their practical skills even further at the end of 2.5 years of Technical Trade Training.

The courses are designed to give students a chance to specialise in a particular job description. A further 6 months will be allocated for just that: give students practical experience in their chosen specialisation. The additional know-how gained, support our students to find their way in the working world.

The picture shows one of the three Technical Skills Acquisition Centres in Adamawa State with all the School Manager, Mr. Riebel, the local instructors and support staff as well as all the students. Also Mayo Belwa is a site executing the capsule courses.

School picture of TSAC in Mayo Belwa